Bail Bonds


If you find yourself in trouble while visiting friends and family in Pearland, TX, and now you’re spending the night in jail, you might need to avail yourself of the services of a bonding agency. Once you’ve been processed at the jail, you’ll appear before the judge who will hand down the initial sentencing and, if you’re proven not be a flight risk, will issue a bond amount be set for your release. Bond amounts usually start at around $1000, which may be a little difficult to retrieve while you’re sitting in a cell, but don’t worry, Bail Bonding Agencies are set up to help you with this task.

Pearland Bail Bonds services can assist with getting you out of jail by agreeing to pay up to 90% of the bond set by the judge. While this is more convenient than having to pay the entire bail amount by yourself, you should know what to expect when taking them up on their offer for their services. They can even help you set up a payment plan for the remaining 10%, but make sure that you talk in depth with the company before you sign anything. If you fail to make the payments set up by the company, they can legally repossess things like cars, houses, electronics, furniture, and luxury items in order to get back the money that you owe them. You can usually avoid this by be completely honest with the bail bond company about your current and expected future financial status, and they’ll be able to work with you within the confines of your budget.

After you’ve been released from the jail you must ensure that you do everything that’s required of you by the court and by the bonding company. It is imperative that you show up for your court date in front of the judge, because if you fail to show things can get a lot worse. If you fail to appear for the court date the court can issue a warrant for your arrest (which will typically be a much bigger deal that the initial arrest), and bonding companies are known for keeping bounty hunters on call to ensure that you make your court appearance.  If you make your court date but fail to pay back the bonding company, they can take you to court to sue you for the money that you owe them. If you want to avoid spending more time in the legal system, the easiest way is to show up to your court date and pay back what you owe to the bonding company.

You should also make sure that the bonding company that you choose is reputable and legitimate. All bail bond companies are required to have an active state bail-bonds license. You can also check them out using the Better Business Bureau, where you will also be able to see reviews of companies from previous customers. It also is more convenient if the location is open 24/7 so that you can contact them in case of an emergency. Hopefully you’ll never have to use this information, but being prepared for something never hurts.

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