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Top Reasons For Hiring A Lawyer After A Car Accident

Car accidents are traumatic and can ruin a person’s life forever. If you are lucky, you will probably walk away with minor injuries, but an accident can leave you paralyzed or unable to lead a normal life. There is also the financial side to consider, you may need treatment and surgeries and you will have to face all this trouble because of somebody else’s mistake.

This is when you need to hire a car accident lawyer; they will protect your rights and help you win some compensation for all the trouble you have gone through. Here are some reasons why you need a lawyer post an accident.

Rules and regulations and statues of limitations:

Most states have a two year statute of limitation in case of car accidents, so if you don’t sue within this period then you will lose the chance to get any recompense. There are other rules and regulations that you will need to follow before you can sue, such as filing a report with the police, or putting a notice up. These things can be hard for you to handle alone; you will need a professional lawyer who has experience in dealing with such things.

Your insurance company may have other plans:

Insurance companies may try to pay you less then you deserve. They are here to make money, and though they are legally bound to pay you compensation, they are also trying to keep their expenses down, so it is a good idea to have a car accident lawyer from a reputed firm like Levinson Law Group attorneys on your side.

You might not find out how extensive the damage is:

Right after an accident, it might not be able to assess the full scope of your damages. There might be later complications. And since you are no law expert, you will probably not have any idea as to how much compensation you can demand. You maybe able to recover for lost wages, pain and suffering and emotional distress along with your medical bills.

Car accident lawsuits are messy

Even with witnesses and despite police declaring that the other party caused the accident, it can be quite hard to prove in court that they were at fault. A lawyer with experience in handling car accidents on a regular basis stands a better chance at winning the case for you or negotiating a better settlement.

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