What Is Child Custody Mediation?

A divorce can generally have some predictable outcomes. Child custody is one of the expected outcomes of divorce. Unfortunately, some parents neglect factors related to child custody and end up with unfavorable visitation times or not being allowed to visit their child, in worst cases, physically. 

Many parents may not realize it immediately, but the process of divorce can be painful for the child. Arguments or fights among parents or other family members can mentally scar the kids. In such cases, one could consider child custody mediation. You should also contact a gig harbor child support attorney in case legal assistance is needed. 

Child Custody Mediation:

Child custody mediation can be helpful for parents who constantly disagree about various decisions and do not want to spend time and money on court cases. Simply put, mediation provides one with an alternative dispute resolution(ADR). 

Child custody mediation is to help divorcing or unmarried parents in reaching an agreement about the child’s physical custody. Child custody mediation eliminates the hassle and pain of court battles between the parents. 

What happens in a child custody mediation session? 

When a child custody mediation session takes place, both spouses meet each other in the presence of a trained mediator. These sessions are generally an informal type of setting. Mediation sessions can be taken online or in the mediator’s office. 

The mediator will act as a guide for both spouses and help them in addressing and resolving issues where disagreement is likely. In some cases, a lawyer from Gig Harbor will help one of the spouses to prepare for mediation by providing coaching tips for the negotiation process. Otherwise, the spouses may work with the mediator or handle the case themselves. 

In a nutshell, the mediator will use their knowledge and skills to invoke a compromise between the both spouses during the sessions. The mediator will ensure that both spouses agree to the solution. A successful mediation will lead the spouses to the preparation of a written settlement agreement. 

Tips for preparing for child custody mediation: 

The first and most important tip to remember is that child custody mediation is not about the parents. The mediation process is primarily aimed at helping the child in achieving the best outcomes. As soon as one understands this, the preparation for mediation can be started. 

Before the mediation session, getting good sleep and enough rest will be beneficial as it could help keep an open mind. It is vital to deal with the situation calmly and flexibly rather than acting out of impulses. 

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