4 Tips for Putting a Band Together

Anyone who loves music and can play an instrument or sing can try to form a band. Sometimes, forming a band can happen organically, such as through a group of friends who all happen to play instruments and like to play the same kind of music. At other times, someone may need to seek out others to form a group. In order to succeed, it is a good idea to ensure the group members are compatible, there is an established leader, and everyone has similar goals.

1. Find Compatible Musicians

No group of people will ever agree on everything at all times. However, the way in which band members resolve conflicts can have a big impact on the evolution of the group. If the band members have compatible personalities, then there is a good chance everyone will find the experience enjoyable. Should rifts form, legal troubles can result and cause problems. Attorney John Branca has spoken about his time working as a music lawyer with the Beach Boys, and how difficult it was to get all the members to come to an agreement.

2. Be Willing to Experiment

Bringing a group of musicians together in the hopes of creating fantastic music can be tricky. Everyone has their own style and preferences, so the founder should try to remain flexible and open to suggestions. Experimenting with new sounds can be a fun way for a new group to bond and figure out what they enjoy performing together. It can also be a good way for all the members to feel valued and heard.

3. Select a Leader

Without a clear leader, infighting can occur as two or more people attempt to guide the group. The leader can be the person who got everyone together, or the group may decide that a different member is more suited for the role. Either way, a leader can help make sure that the group stays on task during practice sessions and can organize events or try to resolve issues.

4. Set Goals

A shared vision will help keep a group cohesive, whether they want to become famous and tour all over the world or become local celebrities who perform at nearby clubs or bars. If everyone is on the same page, it can be easier to set realistic goals.

Whether someone wants to start a band so that they can have a group of people to practice with on the weekends, or they aspire to the top of the charts, they will need dedicated band members. By making smart decisions about who to bring on, it can be easy to gather the right group of people.

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