What Is Micro Cheating and How Does It Impact Divorce?

Cheating in a relationship is a big NO! It not only destroys a partner emotionally but also impacts their self-confidence. However, cheating comes in different types. One common type that generally goes unnoticed is micro cheating. If you are planning a divorce from your partner, micro cheating can greatly impact your divorce. Thus, you must hire a contested divorce lawyer Montgomery, AL. This article highlights everything you need to know about micro cheating and discusses how it impacts your divorce. So, here we go! 

What is micro-cheating? 

Micro-cheating is a term encompassing different behaviors which can collectively undermine the relationship. Micro-cheating is not related to physical affairs; however, it includes activities such as flirting, sliding into someone’s DM, being active on a dating app, secretively chatting with your past partners and more. Generally, micro-cheating is more subtle or hidden from one’s partner. 

Ways micro-cheating impact your divorce 

1. Trust erosion 

Micro-cheating can easily damage your partners’ trust. Trust is essential in any relationship, and when it’s broken, it can cause mistrust and animosity. This may eventually lead to dissolution of the marriage.

2. Legal implications 

Although it does not include physical adultery, micro-cheating can nonetheless have legal ramifications during a divorce. When it comes to matters like property division, spousal support, and child custody agreements, suspicion or proof of micro-cheating can have an impact. When deciding these cases, courts may take into account evidence of adultery, including micro-cheating habits.

3. Emotional impact 

The opposite spouse may experience significant emotional distress upon learning that their partner has been participating in micro-cheating activities. Anger hurt, and feelings of betrayal can exacerbate the divorce process and make it more difficult to come to amicable agreements on significant problems.

4. Complicating communication 

Communication can be hampered by micro-cheating, which, which results in distrust. This hinders a partner’s ability to successfully communicate or co-parent their children. Increased disagreement and tension may result from this, making it more difficult to agree and live together peacefully after a divorce.

Wrapping Up

Micro cheating impacts a divorce, altering co-parenting patterns, trust, the court case, and emotional well-being. To reduce the influence of micro-cheating on the divorce process, it is imperative that couples address and resolve concerns about it respectfully and productively.

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