Consider These Pointers Before Selecting A Divorce Lawyer!

When you are facing divorce, things can be really confusing. Amidst all that you feel, you need to be sure that your share in the assets is ensured and other things like alimony, custody rights and parenting responsibilities are sorted. It goes without saying that you would need a lawyer for the case. When you want to hire the services of one of the top divorce lawyers in Edmonton, Alberta, you have to do the homework right. Of course, every lawyer would claim to be the best in business, so you need to be smarter. Here are some of the aspects worth considering before selecting a divorce lawyer.

  1. Start with references. If people around you can offer recommendations for divorce lawyers, you can consider those options. A word of caution here – Do not select a lawyer right away after getting the number.
  2. Make a few notes. Divorce cases can be complicated, and each case is unique in its own way. You don’t want to sit blank in front of the lawyer in the first meeting, so make a few notes related to the case. What are your immediate concerns? What do you feel may go against you? Do you think there is some scope to negotiate with your spouse? What are your views with regards to child custody (assuming you have a child)? Get answers to these questions first.

  1. Expertise counts. For divorces and anything related to family law, you need a lawyer who is well-versed with the state laws and is experienced enough. As a client, you have every right to ask questions related to their expertise, the number of years they have been in business and other aspects that may concern you and your case.
  2. Check reviews. Thanks to Google, you don’t always have to get client references from the lawyer. Check what other clients have to say about a law firm and whether there are any extensive negative reviews.
  3. Insist on the first meeting. Some lawyers do charge a consultation fee for the first meeting, but when your entire life is at stake, it only makes sense to insist on meeting in person. This is important because you get a clear idea of how things may shape up in the court. Your lawyer will also offer a more detailed explanation of various possibilities and if things can be settled outside the court.

Consider referral services

In case you missed, there are lawyer referral services online that can assure you legal counsel in time. It is easy to find the best lawyers in Edmonton by referral, and it will be based on what the case demands. To be more precise, you will need to fill up a form, after which these services will do a background check and search for available lawyers for your case. You will have a list that can be used for shortlisting names.

Don’t let divorce proceedings take away your peace – A good lawyer will take care of everything and ensure things are in your favor.

Author Bio – Alex Campbell is a writer focusing on Canadian law and the legal profession. He has been studying law in Canada for the past twenty years.  

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