Four Things to Do When Speaking with Your Divorce Attorney

If you are sure about ending your marriage, you must speak with an experienced divorce attorney. Speaking with a lawyer can make you nervous or confused about where to start. But, a good lawyer can ease your feelings because they know how you feel and handle your conversation with them professionally and calmly. During your consultation with one of the best Denver divorce attorneys, you want to make sure you won’t forget some important topics. That is why it always pays to be prepared. To make the most of your conversation, consider these tips:

Prepare to be Asked About Personal Questions

To understand your situation and give you the best advice possible, your attorney will have to ask some personal questions. Thus, you should be ready to offer a brief overview of your situation and your decision to hire their services. Your lawyer will have to know about your family circumstances, kids, residence, finances, and how long you have been married. Also, be prepared to be asked about what has caused you to decide to file a divorce.

Be Open

To help your lawyer act in your best interest, you should be honest with them. If you already have a new intimate partner, tell your attorney about this. To reach a divorce settlement, both parties should be open and honest about their personal situations. Also, you must be prepared to share relevant financial details your lawyers will ask for. 

Let Your Attorney Know About Your Priorities

Tell your divorce lawyer what your priorities are. Do you want to continue to stay in the family home with your children? How will you cope financially after the divorce? Telling your attorney these things up front will help them determine the approach to take and the advice you will need. But, while sharing your priorities, try to have realistic expectations. But, your lawyer will help you understand important things to help you avoid frustrations. For instance, if you expect the divorce process to be finalized quickly, your lawyer will tell you that this depends on how busy the courts are at the time. 

Prepare Questions for Your Attorney

Consider what you want to know when consulting with your attorney.  Perhaps you want to know how your lawyer will handle your case and how experienced they are in handling cases like yours.  Do you have questions about your legal rights or whether you should leave your family home? Before you take any action, make sure to get the best divorce-related advice from your lawyer. 

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