Getting Started With a Divorce Process in Singapore

Facing a divorce case, is of course, a depressing moment for every person. When a happy relationship heads to a divorce case lots of complications come on the way. The couple facing the divorce case often wonders what they need to do to proceed with the legal process. Yes, it is a complicated topic and certainly a life-changing consideration. Whether it’s for good or worse, a divorce case goes through a number of complicated chapters. Depending on the circumstances one needs to be prepared and must cover all the factors to stay aware of the consequences. It is suggested taking help from a legal advisor or a certified lawyer from https://www.singaporedivorcelawyer.com.sg/

The members filing a divorce case usually want to enter into the situation after a thorough preparation as much as possible. But this isn’t that easy as it sounds. As already divorce cases are overwhelming, knowing about the important aspects will set you on the right foot.


It is important to assemble all the information and documents that are crucial for the assets and liabilities. Both husband and wife should follow the same. Also, the estate, individual income and earnings must be kept in hand. Consider making a copy of the important documents to keep track of the information in case your spouse wants to retain the records or keep such important documents hidden.


You must come to a decision when it comes to who and when to meet in order to represent the legal cases. Make sure to hire a skilled and certified attorney who has the ability to make a difference with the divorce proceedings. There are lots of professional lawyers and among them, you need to find the best person who is really skilled to handle such cases. He/she can make the proceeding in your favor while keeping the interest protected.

What are the claims that need to be raised?

The claims and issues existing in the case must be addressed as a part of the divorce. These include proper distribution of the assets, division and liabilities of the estate, alimony, custody, support, maintenance of insurance and others. You need to understand how these claims are handled under Singapore law. Make sure to go for the most effective pursuit when it comes to such claims.

For both parties, these are some of the important considerations that should be kept in mind. This, not only makes the proceeding transparent but also safe and easy to understand.

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