Four Tips to Keep Your Tacoma Divorce Costs Down

Getting a divorce can be costly, especially if your case ends up in trial. But, a lot of couples end up spending more than necessary. Thankfully, you can reduce your divorce costs if you consider the following tips:

Choose the Right Divorce Attorney

Working with an attorney involves divulging even confidential information with your attorney. Plus, the process itself is quite complicated that emotions can run high. That is why you need an attorney you feel comfortable with and you can trust. The right attorney focuses on consistency in their strategy and matches this strategy to your situation. Choose a Tacoma divorce attorney who keeps your best interest in mind. Also, the way they charge for their services works for you. 

Attorneys vary in how they charge fees, so review how time is billed before you sign a contract with a lawyer. Ask about the attorney’s hourly rate and how you will be billed for the time spent by other people in the firm on your case like law clerks and paralegals. Also, ask the kind of retainer is required. 

Organize Your Financial Records

Most divorce attorneys spend almost half of their billed time organizing the file of their clients and understand their finances. By getting all your banking and financial records organized, you will save thousands of dollars in fees. Consider collecting three years of tax returns and pay stubs, bank and credit card statements, investment and retirement account statements, copies of deeds and titles, as well as car loan and mortgage statements. Consider getting most of these documents electronically to save on the cost. 

Stick to Deadlines

During a divorce, a lot of deadlines will have to meet and sticking to these deadlines will help you save money on attorney’s fees down the road. To save yourself both money and time, respond to your lawyer on time to offer all requested documents and keep current with all deadlines. 

Engage in Mediation

Although Washing State law doesn’t require divorcing parties to mediate, a lot of counties have enacted local rules that mandate mediation in the majority of family laws, including divorces. Divorce mediation will provide you and your spouse the chance to resolve the case outside of the courtroom. This will give you greater latitude to resolve your case creatively. By engaging in the mediation process and being open to various kinds of resolutions, you can keep your divorce costs down. 

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