Need A Divorce Lawyer In Virginia?… Then Read This Article

Divorce and separation are very painful and ugly processes. It is never easy especially for those couples who have stayed for a long time together or who have had kids. Even though fights do take place in almost every married life, divorce should always be the last option. With the divorce, various other issues like property separation, alimony, child custody and   support also arise.

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The exception is made only when the client lives out of the state. They practice bankruptcy law, criminal law, estate law, family law, and personal injury law. Thus, they will be of help to you in almost all cases. Choosing them will be one of the best decisions that you make.

Grounds for Divorce 

It is important that you also know some of the basics of law prevalent in the state. Here are the grounds on which you can seek divorce

  1. Adultery- the proof of adultery i.e.; having sex outside marriage must be clear and convincing. Sodomy and buggery are also valid grounds for divorce. Unlike the other grounds of divorce, in cases of adultery, there is no waiting time to get the desired relief i.e. divorce.
  2. Cruelty- you must establish a reasonable apprehension of bodily injury to take the case of cruelty to the court. The use of bad language and passing humiliating statements also come under the ambit of cruelty.
  3. Desertion – if your spouse has abandoned you from marital cohabitation, then that too is a ground of divorce. There must not be any mutual meeting of mind between the husband and the wife to stay separately.


Other grounds of divorce include extended separation from one another, however Virginia does not recognize legal separations by the court.

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