A Second Chance

You might not think that anything good can come from a federal pardon, but there are actually several benefits. Many of them are for the government, but there are a few that are for the community.

federal pardon

Most people receive a pardon Canada offers when they are faced with the death penalty and the time has come to be put to death. When the pardon is granted, it means that the person has at least a little while longer to be able to talk to family and friends. If new evidence is discovered, then the person might be able to be released from prison.

pardon Canada

Money isn’t spent on a death in a gas chamber, electric chair or injection. This is money that can be used for important things like the infrastructure of the country or job creation. A pardon is like a second chance. It gives attorneys time to strike deals and make appeals that might not have taken place otherwise. A governor or the President can issue a pardon, and most of the time, this is at the very last minute. Some people are walking to their death when the pardon is granted. It’s an opportunity for change for the prisoner.

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