Are You Certain you’re to Blame for your Work Accident?

There are many reasons why victims of work accidents can be unwilling to make a claim, even if it resulted in financial hardship and visits to the doctors. Many people choose not toclaim for many reasons despite the fact that compensation could help them when they really needed it. However, if you had a work accident in the last three years which was genuinely not your own fault, getting the cash you’re entitled to can be a simple process.

It’s possible you deserve compensation for reasons that you might not havethought of. Your employer is wholly responsible for your wellbeing while you’re in the workplace. Even if you thought the accident was your mistake, if your workplace was the start of the problem or a main factor, you could be owed compensation. The money you receive could be a real life-changer.

Work Accident

Here’s a few big reasons why victims refrain from claiming the work accident compensation they deserve.

Your Workmate Made the Mistake

Colleagues, even if your friends, can cause accidents without meaning to or by simply forgetting to take measures that then result in an unsafe environment. Whether they let go of the ladder for a second or forgot to unplug dangerous equipment, if your accident wasn’t your fault, you’re entitled to compensation. Your safety is the responsibility of your employers who will be liable for your claim. If your workmate lacked the training required for the job which resulted in your accident, you deserve compensation.

Your Mistake Caused the Accident

If you think the accident was caused by you and therefore you don’t deserve compensation, you could be wrong. Did your employer give you precise and thorough instructions for the job required? Did they train you on how to use dangerous equipment and how to handle it safely? Maybe you agreed to use equipment without the necessary training as a favour to help out? It’s important to remember that it’s illegal for your employer to put you in these situations.

Mistake Caused the Accident

Your Injury Was Because of Your Carelessness

Missing the spill on the floor or objects dropping on your head, whether you think you should’ve seen it or not, are still the responsibility of your employer. You are integral to the success and day-to-day running of the company you work for, so they must provide you with a safe environment to carry out your work.


If your employer’s carelessness resulted in your accident, no matter what the circumstances, and you lost money or quality of life as a result, your perfectly entitled be compensated for it – at the very least. Reputable and proven firms, such as here at, operate a no win no fee basis, which means you’ve got nothing to lose by finding out. Many people lose out on cash that they’re owed needlessly. If the information discussed in this article applies to you, there’s no harm checking if you could receive the compensation you deserve.

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