Best way to avoid Canada’s visa Refusal

Canada is considered the most beautiful nation that gives tourists the opportunity of viewing some of the most incredible destinations across the world. This amazing country also has a cultural variety that overwhelms many different nationals in its fold. If, you are curious to explore this beautiful land, getting a Canada visa is a necessity. But, you have to meet some visa requirements. If you don’t take any of the required parameters, you may get visa refusal. In the last few month 60% of applicants have got visa refusals and it is continuously growing. Immigration Lawyers Mississauga has a great history in Canada immigration cases, especially in visitor visa category. You must take care of the following rules before applying for a visitor visa.

  • Completion of the application forms

Well, this sounds quite simple, but the significance of filling up the application form properly is a very essential task to do. All the essential information ought to be filled correctly, providing all the essential details, even the small info can’t be ignored. So make sure that everything is performed perfectly while filling up an application form.

  • Authenticity of Information and Undersigning

All the provided information must be accurate and the assertion regarding the same must be undersigned. All the supporting documents should also be tested out for authenticity and validity.

  • Submit documents as many as possible

It is necessary to submit as many supporting documents as possible in order to develop credibility, authenticity and correctness. You should not leave any space for doubt in the immigration officer’s mind that you plan to stay longer. That is why, the more supporting documents you show the more you will chances to hold a visa. Furthermore, your financial independency will increase your credibility. So, attach all the proofs of financially independency with your application.

  • Cover Letter and Invitation Letter

You must also pay attention to your cover letter and invitation letter. If you are planning to go on business trip, the cover letter must be written on the company letter head and itinerary details are also required. On the other hand, if the visit is social, you must submit the letter of invitation that the host have written, signed and sent across to you. All the relevant personal invitation about the host and also the intended traveler must be included. The letter of invitation must be notarized.

  • Documents of belonging to the home country

You must also attach the supporting documents which prove that you have financial and social roots back in your own nation and have ample reasons to return soon after the visa expires.

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