Can Damaged Tires Result In Accidents?

Usually, accidents occur due to the negligence of another driver, like a car collision in an intersection, failure to yield at a turning point, or driving under the influence of alcohol, but there are instances where the accident can occur due to the carelessness of a driver. 

For instance, a driver might not have checked their engine before a long drive to ensure that there are no defects, properly maintained their vehicle with adequate care, or forget to get a defective auto product fixed by a mechanic immediately. Due to a driver’s negligence, an accident is also bound to happen, affecting the other party accidentally getting involved. 

The impact of an accident can leave a driver unclear on how to take legal steps. You must instantly approach professional legal help from a vehicle crash lawyer in Rockford who can provide legal aid and suggest an insurance claim through which the losses can be compensated.

Here are ways how damaged tires can cause accidents:

  • Running off the road

Drivers are advised to use only high-quality tires to avoid unwanted accidents. In case they use a tire that gets easily damaged. It can result in running off the road resulting in a massive accident wherein a speeding car on the same road might not be able to hold brake immediately and so both the parties might get severely injured, especially if the passengers did not wear seatbelts, then it can also result in wrongful deaths.

  • Tire blowout

Due to certain factors, a car tire might blow out. So if it occurs while a person is driving on the roads, it can result in an accident since due to the blowout, the driver might lose control over the car, and any vehicle that gets in front or back of them can get hit easily. Hence, you must maintain the tire properly with essential care. If it seems to be in poor condition, then replacing the tire is a recommended option.

  • Screeching

Usually, tires screech when drivers drift their car or accelerate from a higher speed. Otherwise, the tires should not be screeching. If it does, it might be an early sign that tires are not in good condition and must be replaced with a new set. Screeching of tires might also cause accidents wherein if the tires screech when a person is driving at high speed, they might lose control over their car and its speed resulting in an accident. 

Car tires must be checked regularly to avoid unfortunate events. If the damaged tires have resulted in an accident, approaching an auto accident attorney is necessary.

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