Determining Damages in a Personal Injury Case

If you or your loved one has suffered an injury in a vehicle accident or other types of accident that resulted in your injuries or property damage, the law allows you to pursue a personal injury claim. Keep in mind that there are important elements of personal injury claim that you must prove for you to be awarded fair compensation. Seeking legal help from a Toledo car accident attorney will increase your chances of getting compensated.

Depending on the extent and nature of your injuries, the settlement offer or the amount of compensation you get will majorly depend on the amount of money your injuries have cost you financially, mentally, and physically. Based on the circumstances surrounding the auto crash and the severity of your injuries.

Compensatory damages

These are damages intended to offer financial compensation for the injuries and different types of losses that a victim of an auto accident suffered. In most cases, compensatory damages include all expenses related to the victim’s healthcare, any form of property damage caused by accident, lost wages (particularly when the victim cannot go to work because of the injuries), and pain and suffering associated with the injuries.

Though an exact amount of property damage and the expenses associated with the personal injury can be calculated easily, it is challenging to determine the exact monetary value for the amount of pain and suffering you endured due to the injuries. According to most personal injury law experts, here are the common types of damages in personal injury cases.

Medical costs

Generally, your personal injury damages are more likely to include the entire cost of medical treatment. These expenses include the cost of all healthcare services you received immediately after the crash and the estimated expenses for all future medical care services you will need for proper healing.

Lost income

In case you cannot go to work after the accident, the chances are that you will lose your income. The law allows you to seek compensation that includes lost wages and a possible loss of future earning capacity associated with the crash.

Property loss

If you suffered property loss due to the accident, then, you are entitled to compensation for the damage your car and other types of personal items lost during the accident. Remember, the compensation amount will reflect the market value for each of the lost items.

Pain and suffering

Damages in a personal injury case may also involve compensation for discomfort or the pain that the victim of the accident suffered. For instance, if you ended up with a broken or fractured bone after the crash, the chances are that you will endure a lot of pain during the recovery process. You should be compensated for that.

Other damages that you are likely to be awarded in your personal injury case include emotional distress, loss of enjoyment, loss of consortium, and punitive damages. Remember, it is wise to work with an experienced attorney to boost your chances of getting fair compensation.

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