Few Convincing Reasons for Why You Should Hire a Temporary Resident Permit Lawyer

If you are trying to enter Canada, there are chances that you might be denied to do so. In that case, you should be prepared with an alternative plan. If you were denied to enter Canada you can always go for a TRP (temporary resident permit). A TRP is a temporary permit for you to enter Canada as a visitor, student or a worker for a limited time period.

Going through the entire procedure to get the TRP can get confusing, and overwhelming. There are many legal steps to be followed, paperwork to be done and many loopholes to be jumped through. It can get a little difficult for you to handle everything alone. To assist people in these situations, expert lawyers are hired to take care of the whole procedure or help you with it.

Resident Permit Lawyer

Here are few very convincing reasons why you should definitely consider hiring a temporary resident permit lawyer:-

  • Complicated procedure –

As mentioned earlier, TRP application procedure is very complicated. If you are inexperienced with the legal matters, it can be confusing for you. TRP lawyers are professionals and are skilled to handle situations like this very easily.

  • Help with the documentation –

It is possible that you do not have even the slightest idea on how and where to start the TRP application process. A TRP lawyer can help you with the application form for the temporary resident permit (IIM 5708). He will also help you and make sure that you have all the required documents for the procedure.

TRP application process

  • Narrative –

If you have a lawyer throughout the process of temporary resident permit application you have the advantage of creating a persuasive narrative that can accompany your application.

  • Advisor –

A temporary resident permit lawyer is a professional. They have knowledge about how to handle any legal situation or loophole that may come in the way. They can be a great advisor to you giving you beneficial advice that is legal in nature.

  • Chances of success –

When you compare doing the whole process yourself and having a professional lawyer by your side at all times, the chances for success is great when you have a lawyer giving you knowledge and ways to get the TRP.

  • Criminal records –

The Canadian immigration officers are very strict about the rules and regulation to enter their country. The Canadian border has full access to the database of the United States criminal records. The Canadian immigration officers can also consider DUI and DWI as criminal offenses and a reason to deny your request. A lawyer can help you find out possible ways to fix out the minor criminal records in your name with the help of proper paperwork.

Criminal records

  • Support –

A lawyer will help you find all the possible errors that can be found in your application process. This way, you can either fix it or be ready with a solution. They support you till the end of the application process.

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