Five Helpful Tips for Hiring a Lawyer

Are you hiring a lawyer for the first time? Tons of advice pouring in from everyone can actually make the matter worse, and all the more confusing. But, if you take the right steps in helping you find a good lawyer, it’s half the battle won, leaving just the final task of zeroing-in on the best of the lot. Hiring a good, experienced and trustworthy lawyer can be quite a task especially when you have the load of handling a crucial court case and dealing with notices.

Here are a few helpful tips that will get you on a good start and remind you of all the details that are easily overlooked:

  • Finding the Right Lawyer: The best, most trusted way would always be to find them via reference through family or friends. The second best option would be is to sign up for an attorney referral service that will give you a list of lawyers that are best suited to your needs in and around your location. You can find these lawyer referral service providers in the yellow pages or on the internet. They charge just about $30 and are worth it. They allow clients to talk to the prospective local lawyers for about 30 minutes for absolutely no charge at all. This is a great way to get started if you do not have any references from known people. Do not fall for advertisements. A reputed lawyer will seldom place ads and especially do not trust lawyers who hunt after you for business. This happens to be a practice that is against law and hiring one such as that would spell danger.
  • Interview the Lawyer: Once you have found a lawyer that could be ‘right’ for you. Make sure you interview him the first time and do carry along a well prepared list. Gauge how well you can gel with him, check for fees and most of all, make sure you feel you can trust him since you will be sharing a lot of confidential information about yourself.
  • Check for the Prospective Lawyer’s Credentials: Ask for references and make sure you actually call these references and ask about how they felt with the lawyer’s dealings. Ask about the amount of time the case took to close and what the outcome of the case was. Also ask about the methods and tactics the lawyer used in order to reach the outcome. Ask about possible flaws etc.
  • Mutual Respect and Understanding: Make sure you and your lawyer are on the same page during a conversation and that the lawyer helps you understand where the case could be heading in lay man’s terms instead of confusing you with a jugglery of legal terms. He should be able to wait for you to completely comprehend what is going on and what has to be done and then involve you in the decision making process.
  • Fee Structure: Check if the fees he charges are not over the top and are reasonable. Also understand clearly about the payment options and payment periods. Also ask about contingency fees (this is a fee structure where you do not pay anything until the case is settled.

So, keep all these facts in mind before actually hiring an attorney.

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