Helpful Information on Opening a Bank in Dubai and other Emirates

The United Arab Emirate’s financial sector is one of the biggest in the Gulf Region holding a great reputation. This is due to the policy y the country’s Central Bank that sets high standard and requirements.Com pared with most of the banks in Europe, banks in Dubai and other Emirates distinguish themselves in low banking service tariffs, high service quality with competitive fees, simplified reporting system and client loyalty.

Practically, all UAE banks have an effective service level that comes with the potential of distant access through telephone or internet banking systems. These make opening a bank account in Dubai quite a cost-effective and attractive option. Opening a bank in Dubai has some options:

Bank in Dubai and other Emirates

Opening a Personal Bank Account for residents in the UAE

This can be done in any of the banks in the country without special restrictions. The time to open a bank account in Dubai will depend on the policies and procedures of the bank. Often, this can take from two days to two weeks depending on the bank.

Personal Bank Account for residents in the UAE

Personal Account for Non-Residents

This can be possible with some restrictions and should only be a Dubai savings bank account. Thus, a client should not expect to open a checking account or take a loan. Also, it is important to note that not all banks in the UAE allow non-residents to open an account.

Personal Account for Non-Residents

Account for UAE Companies

The procedure in opening this bank account is quite straightforward as long as the shareholders of the company have submitted all required company and personal documents. If a company is not based in the UAE; however, you need to form the company and bank account in Dubai, you have to register the UAE offshore business and open an account for this company.

Account for UAE Companies

Opening a Bank Account for Non UAE Companies

This account is subject to conditions of proper corporate documentation certification in t UAE Consulate in the country where the company was incorporated in the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you need documentation services, you can contact Privacy Management Group FZ-LLC. Check them out at

UAE Companies

Opening a bank account in Dubai will require you some knowledge on who banking works in the UAE. Take advantage of available services provided by reliable companies to help you open all kinds of bank accounts in Dubai and other Emirates. You will be assisted with consideration to the requirements and information on the banking services, tariffs, its type and required minimal deposits. Check out

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