Penalties Apply for Driving under the Influence

With every state and territory police force conducting millions of random breath tests annually, it is highly likely that you have been subjected to a breath test yourself. Governments from one end of the country to the other have a focus on reducing drink driving, and as a result reducing road fatalities caused by drink driving. A regular, persistent and widespread approach to testing regimes, coupled with tough penalties for those who exceed their accepted levels for drinking and driving, occurs right across Australia.

Driving under the Influence

If you find yourself the target of a random breath test and are found to be driving under the influence, then you are likely to receive one or more on-the-spot penalties, which can include a fine or a loss of your driver’s license for a specific period.

Driving under the Influence

Be Aware of Your Blood Alcohol Concentration Level

Some drivers are subject to a blood alcohol concentration of zero. Blood alcohol concentration is the amount of alcohol that is measured in your system. A level of zero applies to people who are on a learners permit or hold a probationary license (this applies to all types of probationary licenses, including new drivers and those who have regained their license after having lost it for a period of time for previous offences), or people who drive professionally in the course of their work, such as truck/semi drivers and taxi drivers. Other drivers are subject to a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.05.

Blood Alcohol Concentration Level

What Happens if You Are Charged with an Offence?

If you have been caught driving under the influence and your offence is at the severe end of the drink driving range, or your actions have resulted in harm to people or property, then you may be sent straight to court so that your matter can be heard by a Magistrate. In this case, you may be issued a fine or loss of license, sentenced to a period of imprisonment, orsaddled with a criminal record.

services of drink driving lawyers

If you wish to contest the offence in a court of law, you will need to have a good understanding of the complex law that applies to drink driving offences. Furthermore, you will need to be familiar with court processes and be able to convincingly and effectively argue your case. Because the courts generally come down hard on drink driving offenders and issue strict penalties, to give you the best opportunity to present a strong mitigating case, you may wish to engage the services of drink driving lawyers in Sydney or in the city or regional centre near to the court where the matter is to be heard.

win the case

Engaging a law firm that offers experience in defending drink driving offences in court is important in terms of allowing you to present your case. An experienced law firm will be able to put forward any mitigating factors that should be considered by the Magistrate, so that you are not penalised to the full extent of applicable drink driving laws and associated penalties.

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