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Role Played By Your Lawyer While Buying Any Property

Buying a new property is certainly a very stressful activity. However, you need to take plenty of advice from a legal expert in order to complete the deal. To start with, your lawyer will ask for various documentations from you. After that, your lawyer will carry out various legal activities on behalf of you. Also, ensure that the lawyers offer conveyancers manchester, before going ahead with the deal.

You have to bear the different expenses in this regard in order to complete various formalities, which are mainly as follows:

  • Land Transfer Tax
  • Disbursements
  • Legal fees
  • Property tax

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In case, you have purchased any new home from a builder then your lawyer will ask you to pay the following hidden charges as well

  • New House Warranty Enrolment Charges
  • Water and Hydro meter installation charges
  • Grading Deposit charges
  • Fencing charges
  • Many more

If all the papers are in order then lawyer will do the searches and enquiries about following


  • Utility
  • property tax
  • building, zoning and planning
  • registered title

Your lawyer will send the necessary letters to the above department and agencies in order to ensure that there are no outstanding charges against the property, there is no conditional sales contracts, any unregistered agreement regarding the property or discover any other encumbrances against the property.

The duty of your lawyer is also to find out if there are any restrictions like using parking space or putting up fencing in front of your property etc. In case, there are any restrictions then the same must be intimated to you by your lawyer.

Your lawyer will also verify from various tax offices whether all the tax dues have been paid against the property. Also find out if any by laws are affecting your property. If the seller of the property has already got the survey report then you must submit it to your lawyer for his verification. In case there is no survey report available then you may need to buy title insurance in order to protect your interest,

Other search for the property is done by your lawyer from land registry office to ensure that the seller is true owner of the property and there is no legal restriction to sell his property. Many times, people end up buying a property, which has already been sold and they get involved in a legal dispute. The responsibility of your lawyer is to make sure that you are dealing with right person.

Other important functions of your lawyer

  • Carry out search from many other agencies to make sure that no other execution exists against the property.
  • If any issues are revealed then the same may be cleared before making the deal.
  • Review your paper for mortgaging and interact with bank to arrange finance for the deal.
  • Provide all kind of advices regarding mortgaging and financing for the property.
  • Certify your property to financer
  • Provide you advice to ensure that all the governmental rules are properly followed.
  • Any other services required for insuring your property.

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