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Family law is one of the most complex branches of law. Family law generally covers issues pertaining to the family, child adoption cases, will agreements, etc. Due to the intensely personal nature of most cases, the solicitor needs to be extra careful during the trial. Family solicitors are lawyers who exclusively deal in different family law cases. They offer legal consultation and assistance on a variety of different topics. Here are a few of the services that most family solicitors offer to their customers:

assistance on a variety

Divorce Cases

If you are looking to file for a divorce, you will need to contact a family solicitor. Most London family solicitors offer assistance, guidance and consultation to people who are looking to file for a divorce. Apart from simply signing the divorce papers, there are plenty of other things that the two parties must agree on. In most cases, the division of assets proves to be a very contentious topic. Lawyers from both sides sit down in order to discuss how the assets should be divided so that both of the parties are satisfied. Needless to say, if you don’t have a strong team of legal consultants, you may not get your fair share.

Child Custody Cases

After the divorce is complete, a matter of contention that remains between the two parties is the custody of the child. If you feel that your partner is unfit to take care of your children, or if you are better suited for the job, you should contact a family solicitor to help you build a solid case. Family solicitors often take on child custody cases and create compelling arguments to help their clients get custody of their child.

Child Custody Cases

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is considered to be a serious offence under UK law. If your partner is abusive and violent towards you, the law gives you all the rights to file a case and get a restraining order against him/her. Most people don’t really know their rights when filing a domestic violence case. When you first contact your solicitor, they will guide you on the steps that you can take to protect yourself. Your solicitor will also file for a restraining order so that your abusive partner cannot hurt you anymore.

Domestic Violence

Will Agreements

If a person in your family has died and left behind a substantial will, you can contact an attorney in order to enforce it. Many family solicitors take on will agreements in order to ensure that the assets are distributed exactly how it was requested by the departed.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are contracts that are signed before marriage that are designed to protect the interests of one party. If you don’t want your future partner taking away half of your business and personal assets, you should seriously consider signing a prenuptial agreement to protect yourself. A family solicitor can help you draft a prenuptial agreement that best protects your interests without being offensive towards the other party. Family solicitors generally offer legal protection over a wide range of personal issues.

Prenuptial Agreements law

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