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Some of the Common Mistakes People Make When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Negligence is the primary cause for accidents. It can take place at various places such as roads, departmental stores, construction sites, company premises, medical treatments, rental properties, etc. One has to be equipped with the necessary action to face these unfortunate events strongly.

Filing an injury claim is one of the best things one can do to recover from the physical, mental and financial losses. Some people due to the criticality of the situation or other reasons commit mistakes while filing a claim.

For what injuries, can you file a personal injury claim?

Under personal injury, following types of injuries are considered. If the victim has suffered any of these injuries due to another person’s negligence, then he is entitled to get the claim. These injuries are:

  • road traffic accidents,
  • assault claims,
  • slipping, falling, and tripping,
  • accidents at workplace,
  • accidents/injuries at home,
  • professional and medical malpractice,
  • damage due to the use of a defective product and
  • damage due to wrong intentions

Common Mistakes

Misrepresentation of the Injury

People sometimes exaggerate the intensity of the injury caused to them to get a higher compensation. One should not underestimate or overestimate them as this could result in discrepancies in the future. Consulting a medical expert to identify the extent of the injury is the right way.

Delaying the Claim Filing Process

As per the law, there is a time limit to file a claim. This time limit depends on the type of injury and the state where the victim resides. By being aware of the claim filing deadline and filing it within the prescribed time limits will help in getting your case considered and obtaining adequate compensation.

Failing to file a police complaint

It is very important to file a police complaint in case of injuries caused due to other’s negligence. A police report holds a significant value that comprises of all the details about the incident. It can act as major evidence, when you are filing personal injury claims.

Injuries will not only impact the person on physical levels, but also on mental and emotional levels. For a working person with dependents, it can be a huge blow. Getting the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer to file a claim is the best thing to do to bring a ray of hope during such crucial times.

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