These Signs Show It is Time to Change Your Lawyer

Having an immigration lawyer makes you feel confident that you will have a chance of getting a visa to work in the UK or get rid of deportation threats. You would rather face this battle with the best immigration solicitors UK firms offer than go through it alone.

With the help of an immigration lawyer, you will know what to do next. Your lawyer might ask you to produce some documents required by the government. Your lawyer could also practice with you what to say when you are to receive a hearing or undergo a criminal trial.

Despite that, there might come a time when you have to replace your current lawyer. It is not an easy decision, but you have no choice if you are already facing difficult circumstances. These signs will tell you that replacement is the best thing to do.

You knew the lawyer violated ethical rules 

Lawyers take an oath to follow the law and remain ethical. Read the list of ethical standards they need to follow. If you have evidence that your lawyer violated these rules, it is time for you to replace that person. Among the common grounds include incompetence, lack of diligence and not following the confidentiality rule. You want someone who will not violate your trust.

You are racking up too many bills 

Legal services are expensive, and they are rightfully so. Despite that, it does not mean you can accept whatever invoice you receive from the law office. Check the details written on your bill. If they keep adding to the bill even if the services remain the same, you need to ask your lawyer about it. There might be honest billing mistakes, and it is due to the accountant who overlooked the error. However, if your lawyer cannot provide a reasonable explanation, it means that something is wrong, and you need to find a replacement soon.

You do not have a good relationship 

You want to establish a good relationship with your lawyer because you will be working together on your case until you succeed. If you feel like your lawyer keeps disrespecting you and not listening to what you say, it is a red flag. Things will even be more difficult as you continue working. If you have communication issues and you feel that you are not getting what you deserve, you need to find someone else.

Lack of progress on your case 

It is common for immigration cases to be slow. Some people even wait for years before seeing any progress with their application. However, if you feel that things remain the same even as you continue paying the bills, you have an incompetent lawyer by your side. Your lawyer might have missed due dates and is always late for the hearings. Worse, you end up on the losing end because the lawyer came unprepared.

You cannot let this continue. Find a better lawyer than the one you have now. Inform the immigration office about your decision too.

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