Things You Must Know About Narcolepsy Disability Benefits

Narcolepsy is a chronic sleeping disorder that is characterized by sudden sleep attacks and daytime drowsiness. People with this disease find it very hard to stay awake and involuntarily fall asleep. People with narcolepsy often describe the typical symptoms using the acronym “CHESS”:

  • Cataplexy,
  • Hallucinations,
  • Excessive daytime sleeping,
  • Sleep disruption, and
  • Sleep paralysis.

Cataplexy is the sudden loss of muscle tone while the sufferer is awake resulting in a weakness and lack of control of the muscular system. Narcoleptics also hallucinate and experience sleep paralysis and sleep in the daytime due to sleeping disorders. According to the World Health Organization, a person with narcolepsy can eventual suffer with:

  • Losing vision or memory,
  • Not being able to perform daily activities,
  • Trouble walking or maneuvering,
  • Increased chance of accidents,
  • Poor work and school performance,
  • Mental health disorders,
  • Poorer overall health.

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Seeking monetary benefits for this ailment

A research study found that people with Narcolepsy often miss work and cannot focus on their jobs because of the disorder. In too many cases, narcolepsy leads to chronic unemployment. If a person falls asleep suddenly in the workplace, especially if the person is driving heavy machinery, performing the essential functions of a job becomes difficult, even dangerous. Many people have epilepsy, and narcolepsy at the same time.

Persons suffering with narcolepsy and who believe their disabilities limit their ability to perform their job may be able to get Social Security Disability Benefits for Narcolepsy. To qualify for these program benefits, you generally need to meet specific criteria like;

  • Your treatment has been going on for the last four months, and still, you have symptoms of Narcolepsy.
  • You need to have at least one encounter with Narcolepsy every week, be it in the workplace or at home.
  • Disability impacts your work performance and daily activities.

If you can establish this much, you should be able to apply for Social Security benefits. To schedule a free consultation, call one of our experienced disability attorneys today.

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