Top 4 Reasons for Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Anyone who has gone through the procedure can tell you that navigating the immigration law is basically not an endeavor you might want to deal with on your own.

Many paperwork procedures go along with immigration that even a natural-born citizen can have a hard time dealing with, leave alone an immigrant from another country.

The truth is that immigration most immigrants are not very clear regarding everything needed of them in the process. Lacking information basically becomes difficult to get into the country of your choice and stay there legally.

In this case, the best course of action is to hire a good immigration attorney. Apart from dealing with immigration procedures, you have tons of reasons to hire a good lawyer, some of which include:

1.      Acquire Dual Citizenship

Basically, dual citizenship means an individual is a citizen of two countries. While every country has its unique nationality laws, a person can have Italian dual citizenship by an automatic operation of various laws.

For many years, dual Italian nationality was impossible, right until the country allowed the acquisition of citizenship.

Having the privileges and rights of citizenship in both Italy and your birth country might be a great idea, bringing in a lot of benefits.

With advice from an immigration lawyer, qualifying for citizenship will be straightforward and quick.

2.      Gather Proofs

When applying for immigration, the embassy will need clear proof. For this, you might need to offer pictures and other related information.

Insufficient proof might lead to delays in the application process because the embassy may demand a lot, and in some situations, may reject your application.

It’s wise to hire an immigration attorney when applying. Plus, your lawyer is familiar with the best ways of presenting proof effectively and appealingly.

3.      Take Care of the Appeal Process

At times, immigrants might have to appeal a denial of their current petitions. Not only can your attorney help you know the reasons behind the denial, but he/she can also advise you on the way forward.

You might not want to deal with removal proceedings as the process to overturn your denial can be complicated. You can always rely on an immigration lawyer to reopen your case and achieve positive results.

4.      Get Different Options

Immigration attorneys are conversant with immigration law. Since the law is a diversified and complex field, only an attorney may tell you your options.

By checking your credentials and qualifications, an attorney can tell what’s best for you. Most options, such as super visa and automatic citizenship, are less known to general individuals.

The Bottom Line!

When going to a new country, a good immigration attorney will make your transition easier. Your lawyer will make an arrangement and ensure the right paperwork is filed.

If you have the interest to immigrate to another country, you need to think of reaching out to a reliable immigration attorney near you.

The expert will also increase your chance of getting a green card and successfully apply for dual citizenship in the country you’re moving to.

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