What Are The Characteristics Of A Genuine Divorce Lawyer?

A divorce attorney is a specialist who knows how to handle the intricacies of legal separation to protect the interests of both their client and the children involved. A genuine divorce lawyer can guide you through some of the most difficult times in your life with compassion, understanding, and knowledge – as well as expertise in dealing with custody battles, property settlements and visitation rights.

Top Characteristics to know

They have professional etiquette:

A genuine divorce lawyer has professional etiquette that reflects their experience and demonstrates respect for their clients. They are punctual for meetings, follow up on requests within a reasonable period given the circumstances and competently manage deadlines.

They are patient:

A genuine divorce lawyer can hold a predetermined amount of patience regarding the emotional issues of their clients. For example, they can hold the “2 minutes” rule in their mind, where the client is only allowed 2 minutes for an emotional outburst before returning to work.

They have a reputation:

Other legal community members respect a genuine divorce lawyer as a true professional in law. Therefore, accomplished specialists will be sought for their expertise, advice and knowledge in separating couples who chose not to go through traditional family court litigation options.

They are honest:

A genuine divorce attorney can accurately represent the true situation from their client’s perspective. For example, suppose a client is lying about the financial situation when requesting a separation. In that case, the lawyer will tell their client the truth so they can make intelligent decisions for themselves. Once this happens, the client will be open to seeking more information and working together towards a positive resolution.

They have integrity:

A genuine divorce lawyer believes in maintaining their clients’ trust in their ability and integrity as legal system representatives. A sincere friend will not be trying to sell you unnecessary products or services while they are representing you in court. This can cause a client to feel uncomfortable and distrust the lawyer’s motives.

They are competent:

A genuine divorce lawyer is experienced in representing clients in court and will be able to speak confidently about their abilities with lawyers and judges, as well as their experience as a divorce family law specialist.

When negotiating a separation agreement on either side, the genuine divorce lawyer will be able to accurately portray the situation so that spouses would have accurate expectations for what should happen in court if it went to trial. In addition, they will be able to inform you of your options based on your legal rights after you have been served notice of your spouse’s charges or claims.

They are family oriented:

A genuine divorce lawyer can understand the heartbreak that comes with separation and show compassion towards both parties in a legal dispute. They are not promoting one side or the other but encourage constructive communication among spouses to come up with a resolution that benefits both parties involved.

They have additional support:

A genuine divorce lawyer can work with the client and the rest of their support team to arrange and coordinate a plan of action. This involved including friends, family, co-workers, and even their children if appropriate. They can understand that these other people are an important part of the client’s life, and they do not want them to be dismissed or forgotten in the process.

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