What are the Top Benefits of Divorce Settlement Agreement?

For most people, it can be quite stressful to go through a divorce. Fortunately, a divorce settlement agreement can make the process as painless and direct as possible. Find out about some of the top benefits of this type of agreement.

Change of name

This kind of agreement lets you specify whether you or your spouse wants to undergo a change of name. When you go through a divorce, you do not necessarily have to change your name. But it is something that many people do in order to begin a new and separate life. If your judge approves of your change of name in a legal way, it can save you lots of expenses and hassles of the need to do it in future through a separate process.

Child Custody

Free divorce forms online can also let you think about child custody issues. You can take a decision on whether you or your spouse will have physical and legal custody. Physical custody means the parent that your kid will mainly live with. You may even mention the rights of visitation for both parents with this document. Legal custody means the right to take vital decisions about the kid, whether it comes to decisions about health care, finances, nurturing or education.

Debts and Marital Property Division

You can also decide about how to divide the debts and assets acquired by your spouse at the time of marriage. Generally, property that was obtained after separation or before marriage will stay with the spouse who originally bought the property. But you might prefer to have your assets split whichever way you like, whether the assets are individually or jointly owned at present. There are many free divorce papers to be found online, and you can use one of these as a template for your needs. If required you may also download marital separation agreement or other legal documents here online. Visit Texas legal separation website for more state specific info.

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