What Happens If You Have A Burn Injury?

Whether you’re on the job or using a faulty device, an accident may happen that can cause a burn injury. In this case, you should hire an attorney to see about getting legal representation for the accident. Here are some things that can happen that may result in a burn injury.


One of the common burn injuries you’ll experience is scalds. This can happen at restaurants, spas, nursing homes, and more. It’s wise to hire a burn injury lawyer to assess the damage and the situation.

If a restaurant gave you a hot cup of tea or coffee without a warning sign that mentions the hot content, you can certainly take them to court if it spills on you and causes a significant burn. That’s negligence on their part and you wouldn’t be at fault. Compensation for the damages can be very high due to how boiling hot beverages can break the skin.

Electric Shock

This can generally happen at a worksite when someone is doing construction, working on HVAC, or something else. Not to mention, it may happen if you’re using an electronic that’s defective. Electric shock can cause not only long-term injuries but a mentally and emotionally jarring experience.

Depending on the severity of the burn, this may cause someone to be out of work for a long time. The victim of this incident needs a good lawyer to help them argue their case and get compensation for not only the accident but the mental toll and the lost wages from not being able to work. This can turn into a fully loaded case.

Building Fires

This is a bit less common, but it does happen. Burn injuries can occur on the skin and victims may suffer from smoke inhalation. This can produce long-term internal damage as a result of taking in harmful chemical fumes. Whether you were in your apartment or store where the building caught on fire, you may be entitled to compensation.

A good burn injury attorney can determine who’s at fault in that situation. Even if you didn’t get a burn injury yourself, your apartment and some of your things may have been destroyed. You can get an insurance claim for that if the landlord was negligent.

There are different scenarios where you could receive a burn injury. If this happens, get legal representation to help you get properly compensated if it wasn’t your fault.

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