What Should a Dog Bill of Sale Include?

A Dog Bill of Sale is a type of bill of sale that is used to transfer the ownership of a dog legally from one individual to another. It works as a proof of purchase and shows that the dog or puppy mentioned in the agreement now belongs to the new owner, serving to remove confusion about the ownership. It can be used to complete the paperwork. Find out about the top things to include in this type of bill of sale document.


The document should have the names of both parties, that of the buyer as well as the seller, along with contact information of both – such as address, phone number, email id and more. The bill of sale clarifies that the legal ownership of the dog actually belonged to the seller, and that he / she has the sole right to sell the dog that is being mentioned in the document.

Amount paid

This is one of the most important sections, and mentions how much the seller has been paid by the purchaser. The amount that changed hands is mentioned in dollar or any other currency that is prevalent in the country of the transaction.

Dog’s information

The document should also mention all the important details about the dog, whether it comes to sex, color, breed, registration details, date of birth and more. It might also mention the dog’s health history, whether or not it has been vaccinated etc. You can use any sample bill of sale as a reference.


The bill of sale document should also make a mention of the area or location of the sale. The place where the sale has occurred should be described and detailed, so as to make it easier to understand the location in case any confusion about the same arises in the future. Visit this website to download Arkansas bill of sale and other legal forms.

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