What to Do when You and Your Child Get Involved in a Collision

Getting involved in a car accident is something you wish would not happen ever. Collisions are scary situations, especially when you drive your car with your child as your passenger. But, if an accident does happen, you want to ensure your child is protected after the collision.

Here are the steps that you must take after a car crash:

Prevent a Potential Secondary Accident

Although you would want to check your child right away after a car accident, make sure you move yourself and your child to a safe place. If possible, this could mean moving your car off to the side away from passing traffic. This protects you and your child from further injuries that could be caused by a secondary accident.

Call for Medical Help

Call an emergency medical technician and wait for them to arrive at the crash scene before trying to move your child. Kids are quite susceptible to head and spinal injuries because of their developing bones and you will want to avoid making those injuries worse. Regardless of how much you want to check your child, wait for the professionals to do it.


But, while waiting for the ambulance to come, watch for signs of injuries. If you notice any symptoms, inform the medical personnel of your observation. Symptoms can include mouth or nose bleeding, difficulty breathing and slurred speech.

Ensure you and your Child Get a Medical Exam

No matter how fine you feel you are and your child seems, getting a medical examination confirms your true conditions. Your child may not be able to communicate their pain effectively. Also, symptoms of injuries may be lurking behind and you want to ensure your child gets an immediate treatment. A medical examination will prove that you and your child sustain a certain injury and can claim compensation for it.

Consider the Legal Issues

After getting yourself and your child checked by doctors, it is time to focus on the legal concerns associated with the accident. If you or your child sustains injuries and the crash was caused by the other party, you want that motorist to take care of the monetary damages. To get compensated for sustained injuries, you have to take action right away. You must contact a reputable car accident lawyer to get help in gathering evidence, talking with insurance companies and getting the most out of your compensation that you or child will get.

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