When To Get a Bail Bond

When you are facing criminal charges, it is only natural that you want to learn when to get Lancaster County bail bonds. Many people mistakenly think that this is an obligation that they are unable to fulfill without breaking the law. In some cases, it can be difficult knowing when to get a bail bond service since there are actually times when you will be able to do this without breaking any laws at all. For example, sometimes you may only need someone to drive you to a court or pick you up for jury duty.

Find Out Local Rules

When you are unsure of how much bail you should pay, it is wise to find out the local rules before you make any final decisions. Bail bonds can help you keep your financial obligations to a minimum if you cannot afford to make your full bail amount. However, before you get your bond, you may want to ask your judge what exactly your obligations are for the situation. While most people are innocent, it is possible that you will end up spending more time in jail than you planned because your home may be repossessed in order to pay your bail. You should only get a bond that you can comfortably fulfill.

Conduct background Checks

When you are looking for a company to represent you, it is important to ask how they conduct background checks and whether or not they have private detectives on staff. This can be very beneficial if you have been charged with a serious crime or if you want to make sure that your relative does not elude the police. Some companies also offer Pretrial Consultants who can assess your case and provide recommendations when you are looking to get a bail bond. They can also help you to decide whether or not your relative should be released on the first date.

Making the Decision

Many people wonder when to get a bail bond when they are facing long-term jail time. The best way to find out is to talk to someone who has already spent time in jail. The jail staff may tell you when to get a bail bond, or they may be able to give you information that allows you to make this decision on your own. Most pretrial services offer free consultation visits and allow you to ask any questions you may have. It is important to talk to at least two before deciding on service because you never know what questions to expect from an attorney.

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