Why You Need an Immigration Lawyer in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. Less than a decade after the country emerged from a recession, the country has consistently had an annual growth of more than 3%. This is much more than what Europe has had and is despite the fact that Cyprus does not have a lot of natural resources and a big industrial base. In this article, we will look at some of the reasons why you need a good immigration lawyer Cypruswho can help you with a Cyprus passport by investment.

To Help You Bring International Employees

As a company, you might have the need for international employees. This is if you are not at a good position to find qualified local employees. As such, you need a good immigration lawyer in Cyprus. This lawyer will help you process the papers of these people. They will also help you make the case to the government that you really need these people. The government requires that you use an attorney to process these details.

After bringing the employees to Cyprus, you will also need a lawyer like Pavlaw to help you come up with legal documents. These documents include the terms and conditions that the employees must meet. They must also give them information on how their contracts can be terminated.

To Help You With Investment Passport

Cyprus was among the first European countries to come up with an investment passport. This is a passport that allows foreigners to become citizens in Cyprus after making an investment. This investment usually starts at more than $2 million. Over the years, hundreds of international citizens have gained the passport. The country has earned more than $4 billion from these investments. In return, the recipients can do business and travel in all European Union countries.

The government requires that you must use an immigration attorney to get approved. The attorney is tasked with investigating the person to ensure that they meet the criteria. For example, the source of your money must be ascertained. This is because the country does not want to give citizenship to international fugitives.


Another reason you might need an immigration lawyer is when you are seeking asylum in the country. As a UN member, Cyprus is required by law to accept people who are fleeing from persecution in their countries. To be accepted, you need to prove that you are indeed in need for asylum in the country. Therefore, a good immigration lawyer will help you prosecute the case. Similarly, you need a lawyer to argue your case if you are facing deportation.

There are various ways you can use to get a good immigration lawyer in Cyprus. A lawyer can get referred to you by a friend or relative from the country. Alternatively, you can use the internet to find a good lawyer. If you use the latter method, we recommend that you do intensive research about the good lawyers. You should read their reviews and also read some of their past cases. Fortunately, you can easily find these materials using the internet.

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