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Criminal Defense Help in Singapore

Why will you need criminal defense help?

The requirement of a criminal lawyer appears when a person has been charged with an offence like theft, burglary or similar stuff. Whether you were involved in the case directly or you have been framed is a matter that will be decided later. However, you will firstly need the help of a criminal lawyer that will represent you in the court of law.

How can the criminal lawyer help you?

The criminal lawyer will help you get out of the situation in the best possible manner. If you have been really involved in the offence for which you are being charged, he would try to get you the minimum sentence or penalty. In case you have been wrongly framed and are being harassed, he will not only get you out of it clean but will also get you the rightful compensation for the mental trauma that you bore. In such cases, the lawyers also file defamation cases to remove the social stigma attached to such charges being levied against innocent people.

How to find the best criminal lawyer in Singapore?

There are several law firms in Singapore each claiming to be better than the other in terms of getting favorable verdicts for their clients. However, to ensure that you get the best legal defense, you must research to find the best criminal lawyer in Singapore. Here are some tips that can help you find the best lawyer:

  1. Reputation and credibility: Check out the reputation and credibility of the criminal lawyer that you have short listed. A reputed lawyer will provide services matching his credibility and will put in his best efforts to get you a favorable verdict.
  1. Experience and expertise: When choosing the best criminal lawyer in Singapore, look for the one that is experienced and has the expertise to handle the criminal defense cases. Experience really matters in the court of law as such lawyers have dealt with such cases in the past and they know what can be in your favor and what not.
  1. Fee: There is no denying the fact that the fee of the lawyer is definitely a big question mark when you set out to find the best lawyer. You can compare the fees of the shortlisted lawyer and that from other law firms in Singapore. This way you can rest assured that you have made the right choice.
  1. Check references: The credibility of a lawyer can be checked by taking references from the past clients. They are the best to get in touch with when you are looking for a reliable criminal lawyer in Singapore. As they have worked with the lawyer in the past, they would be able to give you a clear picture regarding his workmanship, knowledge and pricing.

Fighting a criminal case is different from fighting a case for a parking ticket. Therefore, ensure that the lawyer that you choose is competent enough to get you a favorable verdict and the rightful compensation.

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