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Is Unemployment the Main Cause of Armed Robbery?

Among all of the serious offences armed robbery is one of them. If anybody is found guilty, prison term is normal tariff for this crime. Country courtsgenerally handle this type of offence. It is such an indictable charge that it cannot be heard at the presence of a magistrate. The crime is incredibly increasing. From the infamous highways, controversial mass rape is normal case nowadays.

Manyconcerned individuals attempt to discover what is creating the upsurge of armed robbery that is bringing about trepidation and frenzy and condition of insecurity that has turned into a topical issue across the country. Some individuals are of the feeling that the increment in armed robbery is because of multiple factors. These incorporate the inflow of foreigners fromdifferent parts of the world, a risein drug abuse with the element like marijuana which is basic in our general public, impacts of expansion in dehumanizing conditions emanatingfrom over-pollutant settlements in our urban communities, and unemployment especially among the youth.

This article is focused on how idleness and poverty borne the youth unemployment, and how it turnedinto a severe crime like armed robbery.


All over on the world unemployment is one of the issues that most governments have to deal with and more so fight to reduce it. Fighting unemployment is the only sure way to provide people with the ability to become self-reliant and meet their needs. If this is done, the levels of insecurity would go down significantly. Unemployment is costly and it affects youth in various ways. The clearest cost is loss of salary of the unemployed. That means that no cash in their pockets. The more they stay unemployed the more they become desperate. Their self-confidantgoesdown and they tend to live substandard lives. Many of thembecomeburdens to their own families and society. Unemployment prompts increment in abusive behavior at home.Broken homes are induced, which results the repetitive underdevelopment and poverty. The miserable poverty prompts numerous social ills includingnumerous fathers or mothers in a family. Irresponsibility increases in a family, and the family members tend to step back from responsibilities. The research had demonstrated that the connection between orphan youngsters and crime is so closeand dominates the vast majority of the reasons for armed robbery at present in society.

Truly speaking, unemployment results mass social ills including illegal child birth, social rules breaking, tend to chit with people, theft, robbery and assault.Moreover, the birth of any crime is from neediness, and unemployment can be the main fact for armed robbery. At young age people want do something. They want to show their best capabilities what they can do for their own and for the society. As much as the strengths works on mind, as much emotions also works together. The young generations get depressed and frustrated very quickly when they don’t get proper opportunity to lead their lives in a proper way.  They get overwhelmed and there is a problem that the frustrated people tend to convinced very easily. If anybody try a bit to operate them in a wrong way, they get convinced very easily. Some underground people try to gather the young generation for their illegal works. They give them several attractive offers to join them and make them sure to get rich in very short time. Getting inspiration from these types of people the unemployed, frustrated people tend to do illegal works like armed robbery.

Unemployment problem is a big issue for armed robbery. If the society wants to get rid from the problem, the young generation will be involved in productive works. It is all of our responsibility to lead the young generation in proper way.

Author Bio:- Kristine Jone is the author of this article. She is a professional blogger who has a deep knowledge about the work and services provided by lawyers. She has had numerous articles published on the Internet that cover a wide range of topics related to legal services. Moreover, in writing, her focus was on armed robbery and she put emphasis on this term. She always shares her knowledge with her readers, and in this article she tried to discuss the causes of any crime. While writing this article she researched online reading materials, website content, blogs, etc.

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