Entrepreneurs: Use This One Day to Invest in Yourself And Reap Huge Benefits!

Have you ever heard the expression that you’re working ‘in’ your business rather than ‘for’ your business? It’s a concept that gets thrown around a lot by marketing gurus, entrepreneurs and lifestyle advisors, but it may be tricky at first to understand what it all means.

To give you a clue then, this essentially refers to the fact that we get ‘caught up’ in the day to day runnings of our business, so much so that we end up too stressed and hard-worked to make new plans or improve the model of the business.

If you own a company though, then it’s your job to look for opportunities to expand and grow rather than just getting caught up in all the fuss. And the worst part? This can become such a vicious cycle that you end up feeling as though you can never take even a day off to do damage control.


What I’m prescribing then, is just one day to yourself where you stop dealing with every little problem and completing every little task, and instead quieten down and focus on looking after yourself and getting some distance.

One day off – that’s all I’m asking – and it will make all the difference to your business. Here’s what you’re going to do with it…

Calm Down

Firstly and most importantly you are going to take some ‘you time’. What this means is having just a few hours to relax, perhaps try meditating, and maybe even to get some kind of pleasant beauty treatment/something that makes you look and feel good (how microdermabrasion<?). This way you can calm the constant chatter in your head and regain some energy and composure – you’ll come back to work feeling much more relaxed and you’ll find you’re more productive as a result. One day off = two days more productivity or something to that effect…

Get Your House in Order

If you work from home then I mean this literally, if you don’t, then by ‘your house’ I mean your work setup including your computer. Disorganisation can spend you hours over a week or two that could be put to better use, and can do even more damage to your energy levels (energy management is often even more important than time management).

Another way to look at this is to take some time to write down ‘pain points’ – all the different things that are taking you time and causing you stress throughout the day. How many of these can be outsourced, automated, improved or removed entirely.

Look for Opportunities

These changes will allow you to work much better and more easily when you return to your business, but even more useful is to look for opportunities to expand your business and to start making more money. Stop behaving reactively and look at how you can be proactive.

Look for Opportunities

Also useful at this point is to look for contingencies in case things go wrong. Now is a great time to prepare yourself for problems.

Now return to your business with more time, more energy and more plans!

Author Bio: Nancy Baker is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Nancy has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.

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