Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case

A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer who legally represents those who seemed to have been injured due to the carelessness or unlawful activity of any person, company, government organization or other entity. The lawyers are supposed to have expertise and experience in a different arena of law, known as Tort Law, which comprises of the communal wrongs as well as financial or non-financial injuries to a person’s rights, property or status.


When you lose someone you love or when someone close to you gets hurt because of someone else’s fault, it can result into excruciating pain. Under any such circumstances, you might take help of a personal injury lawyer, who can deliver a fair representation in the Court and help you to get a fair compensation for your loss. Finding a personal lawyer can be an off-putting task; however, the following methods can be of help for this purpose.

  • Ask Friends and Associates – Consult your friends and associates who have been legally represented by a personal injury lawyer in their claims. If that friend or associate is satisfied with that lawyer and talks good about him, put that lawyer on your list. Decide whether to hire that lawyer or not after you meet him and feel comfortable discussing your case.


  • Online Lawyers Directories – You can take help of the online directories and go through different highly competitive profiles of the lawyers having a valid license before selecting the right attorney. The profiles give you a brief detail about the attorney’s education, experience, fees and, probably most significantly, his universal philosophy of practicing law.
  • Ask Other Lawyers – Another way of finding a suitable Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer is to research from the lawyers you already know. They can refer your case to such attorneys who handle personal injury cases.


  • Referral Services – Many state or local bar agencies can help you to search for lawyers. Usually what they do is they list the names of various attorneys in their referral services approved by the state bar organization. However, only the referral doesn’t provide you enough knowledge about whether the lawyer is truly capable of handling your case or not. There are also various specialty organizations which offer online directories for the membership of the attorneys, such as American Association for Justice. Lawyers who have significant practices in personal injury cases can become members of such organizations and make your search easier.


  • Choosing the Suitable Lawyer- You should finalize the best-suited Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer for your case after discussing all your claims and all the probable ways to handle it. Certain things you should consider while selecting your attorney is, firstly, his experience, or how long he has been practicing personal injury cases. Cost is also an important factor while selecting your personal injury lawyer, as is whether you can afford him or not.Once you have finalized your lawyer, you have to make a clear written fee agreement with him.


Author Bio- Ali Asjad is a personal injury and accident law expert based in Sweden. He has more than 15 years of experience working as a legal assistant. He also writes on freelance basis for a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer.

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