How Can Social Media Impact Your Personal Injury Case?

Sustaining a personal injury in an accident caused by somebody else’s negligent actions can be quite painful and frustrating. After the incident, pursuing compensation can intensify your anger and frustration. 

In such situations, you may be tempted to share your experiences online, particularly on social media. But, did you know that anything you post on social media can be used against you? You might end up posting information that can compromise your injury claim. Your Stockton personal injury attorney can tell you the possible effect of social media on your injury claim and may advise you against it. 

Can Insurance Companies Use Social Media Against You?

After you sustain an injury and file an insurance claim, the insurer will conduct a thorough investigation. They will find a way not to pay you. Even if you have a valid injury and a solid case, the company will use anything they can to diminish the value of your claim or deny it. This can include monitoring your social media activity to find possible evidence against your claim. Remember that when you file a claim you will be under scrutiny until your injury claim is resolved. The company’s investigator will look for evidence to disprove your claim about your injury. 

Moreover, defense lawyers can navigate your social media account to find any mention of your personal life, the accident, or your injury. For instance, when you post about gardening three weeks after you sustained a leg injury in an accident, you probably did this task with a walker. However, if your post did not mention this, the lawyer may try to use it to prove you don’t have a problem walking and doing everyday functions. 

How to Prevent Social Media from Affecting your Claim

When you cannot avoid social media, at least do not post anything related to your health status or injury. While you may want to tell your friends and family about your injury, try to do so in person. Insurance adjusters and defense lawyers will link anything you post on social media to your accident injury. 

Moreover, you should set your social media accounts to private and avoid adding anyone you do not personally know while your case is active. New friend requests could come from an insurance representative who may bypass your privacy settings.  Also, do not use social media check-ins, so you don’t tell investigators where you are going. Otherwise, they can follow you around in public. 

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