Personal Injury

Personal Injury and Public Liability

Both of these terms are intertwined, and in cases where a person has suffered personal injury, if it can be proven that the injury was a result of negligence on behalf on the location owner’s part, you can claim compensation for your injuries. The very reason why public liability insurance (PLI) exists is to protect people who might suffer as a result of an accident, and according to Australian law, every business must have PLI, along with any public building or area that is the responsibility of local government.

A Slip or a Fall

This is a common occurrence, as we all know, and sometimes it can result in an injury. You might trip over a raised paving stone, or perhaps slip on a wet floor in a shopping mall, and whatever the location, if it can be proven that the owner was negligent in some way, you can claim for compensation. Personal injury lawyers in Queensland will gladly review your claim for free, and in the event they think you have a strong case, will act on your behalf and you won’t have to pay anything unless your claim is successful. The main point is that negligence on the part of the premises owner must be proven, and this can be partial or total liability, depending on the circumstances.

How to Claim

In the event you feel strongly that an injury was due to negligence on the part of the premises owner, the best thing to do is seek out expert legal advice. The lawyer would want to see any tangible evidence you might have, which could include the following:

  • Photos of the location
  • Photos of your injuries
  • Medical reports
  • Witness contact details

One thing you must do is inform the premises owner that the accident occurred and this should be done using registered mail, as there is verifiable evidence that you did, in fact, inform them of the accident. If you have any conversations with anyone who represents the premises owner, either by phone, or face to face, you should write down the details of what was said. An employee inadvertently telling you that it was their fault might just be enough to convince a judge, and if you also have a witness to corroborate that, it would be even better.

Online Solutions

The first thing any person thinks about when contemplating a claim like this is legal fees. We’ve all heard the horror stories about a person who was faced with a huge legal bill, and their claim was not successful! An online legal firm that specialises in personal injury claims would quickly be able to tell you if your claim is likely to be successful, and if they feel as you do, then they would take the case on, and you would only pay them if you are awarded compensation.

Personal injury is always a risk and if it is caused by another’s negligence, you might be able to make a compensation claim, and by consulting the right legal team, it won’t cost you anything for an honest appraisal.

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