Pros and Cons of Having a Gun With You Today!

A gun in your house is an extremely complicated and controversial problem. Is it a good idea or not? Do you need one? Are they a danger or not? Are they safe to have around young children? This article will take you through the advantages and disadvantages of having a gun in your home, so that you can make an informed decision.


  • Advantages of having a gun in your home some people find the idea of having a gun in their home scary, even more so if it is where children live. However, many of these people do not realize how much more secure their homes would be if they had a gun for protection. A gun can stop an intruder in seconds. People who own guns can sleep better at night knowing that they have a way to keep their family safe from intruders. They will know that there is at least one thing between them and whomever may come into their home that could harm them.
  • The right gun can improve your level of performance. Guns and firearms include not only rifles and pistols, but also the recoilless rifles. The evolution of guns started with 14th- century hand cannons, which went on to become effective weapons for tasks such as hunting, target shooting and war. The usage of bores in armory caused the development of different sizes of guns from smaller bores used for personal amusement to very large bores used for military purposes.
  • Guns are an object that people use to make their leisure time enjoyable. Some people think guns are only made for killing. However, there is a true sportive version of shooting that is focused on competition and cooperation. The main activity involves a set of sports equipment, as well as the skills that are characteristic for playing different games with guns. One of the oldest uses of guns is hunting. It can be accomplished just with one’s own force, or with the help of a dog and long-range optical instruments. People usually hunt for wild animals or birds in order to get food and avoid starvation.


  • Guns and Firearms are designed to be used against targets in a purposeful way. However, there are some disadvantages of guns that can be very dangerous. While it may seem like an advantage to have more bullets, you might find out that the gun is too big for you to handle and it can become a disadvantage when you use it without proper training or for the wrong reasons.
  • Guns, firearms and the like are a subject of perennial controversy. Advocates of gun control point to cases like the Port Arthur massacre and argue that the proliferation of guns in society causes or contributes to this type of violence. Gun rights activists and opponents argue that no causal link can be proven, and that disarming citizens reduces freedom and makes them inherently less safe. In addition, advocates of gun control frequently have personal histories bereft of firearms, and their rationale for wanting restrictions usually has little to do with averting violence.

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