Should You Sign That Non-Compete Agreement?

1You have gone through all of the rounds of interviews and have finally been offered that dream job you have always wanted with a prestigious company in the area. As excited as you are, when you receive your offer from the company you notice that there is another contract included with the standard work agreement the company has sent you. They are also requesting that you sign a non-compete agreement as one of the conditions of your employment. You have probably heard all kinds of things about non-compete clauses and contracts but you are not sure what this can really mean to you or how it can affect you. The real question you may have is – should you sign that non-compete agreement?

Are They Enforceable?

It is pretty standard practice for certain types of businesses, such as law firms, advertising agencies, technology companies and many others to ask their potential employees to sign agreements of this nature. Most executive positions at major companies may require it as well. You may hear from a lot of your friends things like agreements like this are not worth the paper they are on or that they are not enforceable. The truth is that if the agreement is written and constructed properly it is very enforceable and it can leave you in a bad position if you should ever leave the company that is hiring you. You may find yourself unable to work in your profession for a length a time or spending many months litigating your case in court only to end up losing in the end.

What You Should Do

Your best step when a potential employer asks you to sign an agreement of this nature is to not sign it right away without reading it thoroughly. Even after you have read it over and everything looks okay to you, you may want to consider having a lawyer of your own take a look at the agreement. Talk to a lawyer that specializes in employment contracts and non-compete clauses in your state. Each state may have particular laws governing these agreements and a lawyer in your area is going to know what to look for, what is binding to you and can provide you with the best advice regarding the document. They may recommend to you that changes in wording occur before you sign to make sure it is more in your favor. They may also be able to help you negotiate a contract with the company that is fairer to both sides.

Having a lawyer review the agreement is the best step you can take so you can make sure you are properly protected should you ever get fired or leave the company for another reason. If you would like to speak to a non-compete lawyer in Houston, make sure you talk to Khemka & Choudhary Houston Law. The firm has vast experience in dealing with contracts and agreements for all kinds of businesses so that you can be sure to get the best advice and guidance for your situation.

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