US O1 Visa: Visas for the Extraordinary

This is a special US Visa which is given to those people from across the world who has done exceptional work in the field of science, business, education, arts and sports. It is a non-resident Visa and any person applying for the same needs to be among the top contributors to his chosen field as well as meet other criteria set by the US government.This Visa has a validity of 3 years with extensions available in the form of 1 year increments. There is also no limit to the extensions that a person can get.

Qualifications for O1 Visa 

Applicants need to prove evidence of qualification of atleast 3 of the eligibility criteria given below. In fact it is always better to get in touch with an O1 Visa Lawyer so that the criteria can be correctly interpreted and met.

  • Should have been the recipient of either national, international or any other prizes for excellence in his or her chosen field of work.
  • Should have been a member of such associations wherein outstanding achievement is a prerequisite to membership and wherein the judging is done by a panel comprising of national and international experts in different fields.
  • Articles related to their work should have featured in high-grade professional or trade publications or mainstream media.
  • Should have individually judged or been a part of a judging panel for judging other candidates either from the same area of work or those closely related to it.
  • Should have written and published papers in well-known professional or trade publications.
  • Should have been credited with making significantly major and original contributions to the fields of science, business or academics etc.
  • Should have served either as a leader or in some critical capacity in highly recognised and respected establishments or organisations.
  • Should have commanded a very high remuneration for services rendered.
  • Should have other relevant evidence as proof of their exceptional expertise other than the ones mentioned above.

Thus any extraordinary candidate who wishes to obtain the O1 visa from USA should make sure that he/she fulfils the criteria as well as has all the documentary proofs in place before applying for this Visa.

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