Things To Discuss With A Pediatric Malpractice Attorney In NY

For parents, the most important thing that they could ever wish for in this world is, to see their own child in good health, that’s why, they make sure to visit the best medical facilities in New York for regular checkups. Through this way, every child will be given proper care and medical attention or treatment, especially when they are suffering from an illness that had been giving them pain or discomfort, which is, indeed, difficult to bear at a very young age. A child is not even aware about what is really happening to his body, so he just keeps on trusting the doctor.

Now, if this expert failed his duty, then the young patient may not even feel better again, which will make him miss a lot in his childhood and will lead him to suffer more. When this happens, parents should stand for their rights as a human being and consult a pediatric malpractice attorney in NY for consultation or to help in filing a lawsuit. We all know that doctors are also capable of committing mistakes, but sometimes, we cannot let things slide, especially when the injury done is too much, have taken away an innocent’s life and placed someone in danger.

You should know that there are lawyers in New York, who have firms and are very specific with pediatric malpractices because they would like to help families, who suffered because of such faults. Let’s say that a specialist may apologize for he was wrong, but no one can ever get back what was already lost or damaged. Doctors are supposed to take care of one’s life and not to destroy it, so if this expert will not pay for their mistakes, then who should we rely on when kids get ill, right?

Establishing Pediatric Malpractice

Parents, who would like to file a case will need to gather evidences and documents from the hospital or clinic, where your child was taken care of. We are all aware that the pediatricians may have breached his duty and we need to have a causation as well as damages. This may happen when the expert failed to perform his tasks and responsibilities – continue reading from

This may doctor will be responsible, if he failed to properly screen the child, gave wrong interpretations about the results of the laboratory tests, made a surgical fault or have done it inaccurately, did not order suitable tests, ignored the history of the patient, overlooked the symptoms of his illness, insufficient monitoring of the condition, have not provided the right medications and untimed diagnosis of the infection or disease. When this happens, talk to your lawyer for the processes that you need to undergo, since you have to stand for your kids.


Damages are normally compensatory, which means that they have to pay for what was lost because of the wrong doings of the experts. These damages could be expenses for the medical care or equipment, therapy, rehabilitation and lost wages as well.

How much would it cost? Well, this one will depend on the extent of the damages and the circumstances of the patient. Let’s say that your kid will need a lifelong caregiver because of permanent injury, this must be shouldered by the ones, who are responsible.

Wrongful Death

Another case that must be filed due to a medical malpractice is, the wrongful death lawsuit. You have the right to seek justice after wrongfully performing an operation or incompetent diagnosis, which have caused your loved one’s death. I supposed, you should strongly demand for an attorney in this case.

Here, you will be recovering pecuniary as well as economic losses. Sometimes, it is also possible to receive compensation for damages, depending on the situation. However, there will be no claims for the mental suffering as well as pain.

Certificate of Merit

It is also important for you to comply the Certificate of Merit in a written form within 90 days. In this document, you have to state that the facts were reviewed and consulted a certified doctor as well. This site will tell you more details about this certificate.

You also need to make a conclusion that you are filing a lawsuit with reasonable basis. This is a requirement, so that you can push the lawsuit. Therefore, an attorney should guide you.

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