Times When You Need a Lawyer

There are some times when it is important that you contact a lawyer to help you with your case.

If you have been arrested, or believe you are going to be arrested, you should contact a lawyer. It could be anything from a charge for driving under the influence, a domestic dispute, tax issues, or fraud. If you end up in handcuffs or jail, this is the time you want to have a lawyer do the talking for you. It is incredibly easy to incriminate yourself. It is best not to say anything until you have a lawyer there with you. A lawyer is there to protect you. Do not think that the arresting officers want to protect you.

If you were sexually assulted, may it be at home, outside or being at work. You can contact a lawyer to help you win your case. But if the assault happened a long time ago, and you can’t act on it now due to the statute of limitations, there is a law that was recently signed to help those survivors fight their assaulters even though the act happened years before. Adult Survivors Act is a law that gives one-year window for victims of sexual assault to bring claims against their assaulters without the limits of the statute of limitations.

If you are in the process of a divorce or legal separation, you should consult a lawyer. If you do not have any property or assets to divide, you may not need one. If it is a simple divorce, you may be able to handle the details for yourself. If there are no children involved and a minor amount of debt, you may be able to proceed without a lawyer. If there are children, assets, or debt to consider, get a lawyer. I know many people want to keep things simple or amicable, but not getting a lawyer is not smart. It is possible for both parties to use the same lawyer as a mediator. You have to remember the other party is looking out for their own interests, and you need to do the same. You are divorcing this person and you should not believe they are putting your interests above theirs. Most likely, they are not. You probably should not believe them, even if they say they are.

If there has been an accident, injury, or death, you should consider consulting a lawyer. There could be causes of death that you may or may not be aware of. Someone may be at fault because they did not do enough to prevent the death. It is important that you protect those that are left behind. It will not bring the person back, but it can help pay for any medical bills or make up for a loss of income. The Mesothelioma Cancer Network may be a good resource to find help or answers to your questions. When you find you have more questions than answers, you want to turn to someone you can rely on to give you the best answers.

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