What Can Happen If You Are Arrested For Drunken Driving?

understand that it is a serious breach of law. In case, they are arrested for such offence then they are likely to be prosecuted under law. Such cases occur not only in the USA, but also in many other places across the world.

People committing such offences are likely to be arrested, as it is against law.  No country in the world will permit such unsafe driving and in the USA particularly, the laws are very strict in this regard. Do you know what you will go through in case you are ever arrested for the DUI charges?

DUI charges

You will undergo breath analyzer test on your arrest

If you are caught driving under the influence of liquor by any police or law enforcement authority then they will ask you to undergo breath analyzer test. This test will be carried out on the spot where you are arrested. If it is detected that there is a presence of alcohol content of more than 0.08 per cent in your blood then it is considered illegal in all the states of the USA. You will therefore be convicted under the law, if your breath analyzer reading happens to be 0.08 per cent or more than that.

If you are ever caught in the above condition then you will be immediately arrested under DUI charges. However, the law varies from state to state, but in every state, you will be charged for committing such offence. You will be arrested based on your breath analyzer report. If the report indicates more than 0.08 per cent of alcohol in your blood then you will be arrested.

DUI Lawyers

You will be charged with DUI offence

If you are arrested for, driving under the influence of liquor then the police will immediately charge you under driving under the influence of liquor. There will be different kinds of penalty under different circumstances. As an example, if you have committed this offence for the first time then your penalty will be much milder as compared to second time offence.  Penalty imposed on you could be heavy fine.

In some cases, your license can be revoked. In a number of states in the country, the offenders are arrested and put into jail too. There are many different factors, which will decide what kind of penalty will be imposed against you. In many cases, the person who has committed such offence has to undergo DUI probation. In short, if you are ever convicted under DUI charges then it becomes very expensive case for you to get out of it.


How can you defend yourself?

If you want to defend yourself from DUI charges then you need to hire a good lawyer, who is an expert in DUI rules. Be it a dui lawyers in Jacksonville Fenderson and Hampton or from anywhere else, you should be able to contact them online. You should never try to defend all by yourself, as you are not familiar with various legal terms. You must hire a lawyer, who is fully conversant with the local rules and can help you to come out of such charges.

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