Accidents on the roads have become a common topic in the daily news feed. In recent days accidents have become prone to humans. The causes behind these frequent incidents may vary at times.  Bicycle accidents on public roads can occur due to various reasons. Sometimes it may be because of reckless and careless driving or sometimes because of the other driver or mainly the motorists who injure them.  

Common causes behind bicycle accidents-

Except for the causes like Over Speeding, Drunken Driving, Distractions to Driver, Red Light Jumping, Avoiding Safety Gears like Seat belts and Helmets, Non-adherence to lane driving, and overtaking in a wrong manner, there are more causes for bicycle accidents which includes reckless driving behaviors of the motorists who injure the cyclists. 

Thus to protect themself from such incidents, the primary need is proper training on defensive driving. Other than that, poor road conditions in the city of Portland are another factor. Such cycle accidents may cause minor injuries like cuts, road rash, burns to serious life-threatening effects resulting in soft tissue injuries, broken bones, back, head, neck, abdominal, and even spinal cord injuries. The law firm of Portland helps the injured party with all kinds of required steps that need to be done after a bicycle accident and provides extra protection and precautions to the cyclists.

Accidents are non-compensatable –

Accidents can occur in any vehicle, but accidents by a bicycle or motor vehicle are the most common yet can be the most dangerous ones. It can have a lifetime effect on the victim and their close ones. When the cyclists are the victims, and their family breaks down because of the loss, the injury,the lost wages, the medical treatment fees, etc., not even those who injure them come forward to compensate for the pain.

In such a situation, Johnson Law Firm, P.C. steps forward to help the bicyclists by gaining the best way possible from the motorists to compensate for all the harm they have caused. They have a huge winning record list where this law firm has successfully represented the sufferers against the motorists who are the reason for the accident. They aim to handle all kinds of accidents, starting from minor to fatal ones. They provide all the requirements for the families who lost their loved ones in an accident even without their fault, even though this loss is non-compensatable. 

The message of awareness –

The accident is something that the word itself says how unpredictable it is, which is why it is called ‘accident.’ It can happen anywhere, anytime, and depends on luck. Still, keeping a peaceful mind and awareness is the most important thing for everyone who goes out. But if anyone gets in touch with this law firm, starting from local advocacy procedures to a proper judgment regarding compensation becomes user-friendly to all the bicyclists who are the victims in Portland.

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