What Documents Can Make Your Personal Injury Case Stronger Than Ever Before?

Everyone wants to get compensation for the injuries after an accident. However, not all of them receive the amount for which he or she has filed. It should be noticed that the amount which an injured person receives depends on several factors such as the extent and nature of the injuries. To file the case in an effective manner, you need to get in touch with Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys, who can educate you on how to make your case stronger. Some of the documents that you need are elaborated on below:

Medical reports and bills

If you have received injuries and medical treatment after the accident, you should be able to submit copies of your medical reports, blood test reports, X-rays and CT scans showing that you have been injured in an accident. Moreover, to increase the value of your claim, you can also include doctor’s notes as well.

Police report

In case of an auto accident, you should also submit the police report in which the details of the accident are included such as the time, date and place. It will also give you the police’s viewpoints on your case. If it is mentioned that the accident occurred due to the negligence of another party, your case will stand stronger than before.

Proof of lost income

You might have been absent from your office for a long time after the accident. In some cases, the person loses his income because he was not at work because not all companies give sick leave for a long time. If you are able to produce these documents, your case will hold more value. Additionally, if you have lost other benefits at work due to absenteeism, you are entitled to get compensation.

Reports showing your pain and suffering

If you are experiencing mental distress and depression due to the bodily pain and financial crunches due to the accident, you can get a medical report from a health care provider showing that you are suffering from poor mental health. It will increase the value of your claim.

Photo and videos

Visuals have more impact on your case. If you can show the photos and videos of the accident in which the negligence of another party is clearly seen, your compensation will be stronger and quicker.

A personal injury lawyer will be able to guide you on documents and evidence so that you can win the case. 

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