Reasons to Hire an Immigration Lawyer

If you are considering hiring an immigration attorney, you should know that there are several factors you should consider before making a choice. These factors include experience, cost, and any criminal charges that you may have. In addition, your attorney should be someone who cares about your future and not just your own.

Importance of hiring an immigration lawyer

Most immigrants would look for information on the search engine about an “immigration lawyer near me” or “the best immigration lawyer” to help with their concerns. However, the immigration process is complicated, and hiring an immigration lawyer can make all the difference. Much paperwork is involved, and mistakes can cause lengthy delays, making the entire process even more challenging. An immigration lawyer is trained to guide clients through the process, so they don’t make any mistakes. Although it may be tempting to attempt to handle the entire process independently, a lawyer can identify problems and help you correct them.


Hiring an immigration lawyer is an important part of legal immigration. They can assist you with everything from filing the appropriate documents to defending you against charges. Some attorneys also assist with criminal defense and national security matters. For example, they can help you with a provisional waiver for unlawful presence, which requires complex documentation and special filing strategies.

Having a qualified immigration attorney on your side can make the process run smoothly and help you avoid making costly mistakes.


The cost of hiring an immigration lawyer varies greatly depending on the case. Simple immigration cases usually cost less than $1000, while complex ones may cost thousands. Immigration lawyers charge hourly rates ranging from $100 to $350. The fees may also vary depending on the case’s complexity and whether there are other legal issues involved. The initial consultation fee charged by immigration attorneys usually ranges from $150 to $400, although some offer a free initial consultation.

Criminal Charges

The immigration status of non-citizens can be negatively affected by a criminal charge. This can result in deportation, mandatory detention, or inadmissibility. Deportation can cut off a person from their family, friends, and even children. While more serious crimes are more likely to result in deportation, less serious crimes can still cause a person to be removed from the country.

Whether you’re facing criminal charges or a criminal investigation, hiring a skilled immigration lawyer is crucial. Criminal charges involve special legal training and expertise. A criminal immigration attorney will understand the intricacies of these cases on a level that ordinary citizens do not have.

Immigrants Charged With A Crime

An immigration lawyer can help you fight an immigration charge. Often, migrant immigrants charged with a crime simply plead guilty to the charges without understanding the potential defenses. Furthermore, they may not have enough time to discuss their defenses with counsel before a group hearing. This can cause serious due process issues, as the guilty plea usually involves waiving certain rights.

Moreover, the federal government increasingly uses criminal courts to punish immigration violations. For instance, federal authorities prosecute migrants who cross the southwest border.

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